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Patty Donovan and a small glimpse of Tub Tales.

This past January, you may have seen the first prototypes of our new products called “Tub Tales.” Well if you missed it then, you will see it soon at our Summer markets! Tub Tales, is a children’s product for both boys and girls. Each Tub Tale comes with a bath fizzy. With the fizzy the child will find a story, either part 1, 2, or 3. The paper is waterproof so they can read it in the tub, and each fizzy has a soap surprise inside that goes along with that story.

All the details have now been finalized from colors, to packaging, and all those small glittery touches. Today we are giving you an inside look at the creation of the stories of tub tales as we interview the author of the stories, Patty Donovan. I sat down with Patty at work this week and we had such a great time talking about the Tub Tales, and the stories behind the stories.

In the Girl’s stories we see that the main character is Princess Dahlia, and that she is going through some challenges in life from being bullied to learning how to give selflessly.

Patty, did a person in your life inspire the Dahlia Character?

“No, but what Dahlia went through, yes. I’ve been through different situations with my own kids with three boys and three girls. So I related her to what they went through.”

I love how Dahlia won’t give up making friends and her mother is helping her in difficult situations. Are you the helping hand in your own daughters lives?

“I’d like to think that I was. If they came to me with a problem I would want them to try and work it out themselves first, but when needed I would give them advice or suggestions.”

In the story, princess Dahlia shares a basket of hair bows and that’s a way she makes some friends. Why did you choose hair bows out of all your options?

“It was something that seemed simple, and most little girls love hair bows.”

Later on in part two, we see Dahlia learning to share and give to those in need. Do you believe that all children are lacking in this lesson today, or need it to be taught?

“Personally in my family, it is a lesson that is taught, and I do believe that it needs to be taught.”

Dahlia has a great dad that won’t let her hide from her problems. Is your own dad like Dahlia’s Dad?

“Yes. Gentle but firm and very wise.”

How did Princess Dahlia come about?

“Well we were actually going to call her Princess Peony. I took the name to my grandchildren and found they had a difficult time saying peony, so I said how about Princess Dahlia and it was perfect. After we chose the name we discovered that Dahlia represents things like inner strength, and dignity. Which is what the stories are focused on. So it was really meant to be.”

Next we move on to Perceval’s adventures. The character of Perceval was based off of Perceval from The Knights of the Round Table. His journey begins as a boy, desiring to become a knight, but he has challenges and fears to overcome.

I like how Perceval just didn’t become a knight instantly and that he has to overcome challenges. Do you think young boys today can relate, or need that boost in confidence from others?

“Definitely. Perceval’s grandfather was his role model. And young boys need that mentor in life. I believe everyone needs someone to look up to for wisdom and guidance.”

Do you have someone in your life that had trouble learning to listen? “Oh yes, most everyone. I always told my kids, God gave you two ears and one mouth because he wants you to listen more than you talk.”

Do you have a quiet time like Perceval did to be still and listen? “Yes. I have mine every morning, I can tell when I haven’t taken that time, things just don’t go as smoothly. I think this is key to inner peace, learning to listen to our hearts, and even listen to the people in our lives.”

Perceval had a very telling dream in the story that gave him specific instructions to follow. Have you ever had a telling dream?

“Several times.”

Have you ever listened to them?

“I always take note of them and sometimes I ponder and wait for more clarity.”

Let’s talk about fear. Fear is what typically holds us back in life, and for Perceval this is his biggest obstacle. When Perceval puts on his armor it’s like putting up his defenses against fear. What inspired this? “ My armor is my prayer, and that gives me my strength. Everyone deals with fear and at some point you have to ask yourself, what do you want out of life? Are you going to let fear hold you back?”

Perceval is walking by faith and cannot see in the cave. Do you find it hard to walk this way in life?

“Sometimes. You know there is a saying Walk by faith, and not by sight. Sometimes I have to literally put my hands over my eyes, and take that leap of faith, and that’s what Perceval did. You know that voice in the cave wasn’t given a face, and it wasn’t a creature. We all have those voices that tell us to go back, putting doubt in our minds, instilling fear, but we have to keep going, like Perceval did.”

What were some challenges you had in writing these stories?

“ When I was asked to write these, and then found out I had to condense them to a small size of paper. Perceval was originally 3 pages long, and choosing what to take out and making it flow was a challenge. You’ll notice there are no details of Perceval’s age or ethnicity because I want the reader to become the character and relate to Perceval. With Princess Dahlia not every little girl reading is a princess, but every little girl dreams of being a princess. Not all little girls are kind and Dahlia wants to be kind. I taught my own daughters to be kind and that beauty comes from within and that’s the message I want to convey.”

Any last thoughts on these stories you want the audience to know?

“I prayed a lot before I wrote each story. I give The Lord any and all credit. I would like to give a shout out to my sweet friend Julie and sweet Madison, (A’marie’s newest team member) for editing the stories. They did a phenomenal job! These were truly God inspired stories. They were fun, and I hope they are inspiring.”

My last question Patty. Will

there be any more stories?

“That’s to be determined.”

Below you will See Patty and a small glimpse of Tub Tales.