Happy November, everyone! This month we want to share with you some retail tips, including the importance of the location of your products in your store.

Amarie's - Marty's Pharmacy - Retail TipsHaving your products easily visible in a prime location will help lure your customers in. This will also keep them shopping, because they can clearly see what you have to offer and find what they are looking for.

On the other hand, some stores place the most sought-after products in the back of the store, so your customer has to walk through all the other great products and may pick out something extra to buy.

Finding the method that works for you is key in increasing your sales and keeping the layout of your store functional.

For this month, we interviewed one of our local retailers—Marissa at Marty’s Pharmacy—to ask about her thoughts on location, and what has helped them sell their products.

Marissa is the sweetest person, and is so talented at making displays, and finding ways to sell the products. She is in charge of all the displays in the store, so she has some great tips to share with us today. Look below for some great insight to help you in your own sales.

New Products

Upon arrival, new products go straight to the front of the store. This makes it easy for customers to see the products when they first walk in, and promotes sales.

Once the new product is established, it can be moved anywhere in the store because customers will know that product, and ask for it.

Bonus Tip: Look at which product in your store sells, no matter the location. The product people will always ask for and buy. This is the product you can move to a lower traffic area. For example, Marissa moved their game-day products to the wall because people will always ask for those, and can put other products she wants to push in higher traffic areas.

What if a product is not selling? If a product does not sell, simply move it. Just moving the product to a new location can make a huge difference. Moving the product pushes sales just about every time.

Bonus Tip: Want to avoid marking down your products? If your product is not selling and you have already moved it to new spots, simply pull the product for a while and put back in storage. Right now it is the holiday season, so customers aren’t looking for spring products right now. So simply pull those products, and put them away till after the holidays. When you bring them back after Christmas, they will look fresh, new, and most likely will sell perfectly well.

Always remember that discounting your products should be a last resort. So, how do you determine that you need to mark down a product? If you’ve had it for a very long time, tried every location possible, talked to customers and asked them “Hey, have you seen our new products?” and you still have no sales, then consider taking a percentage off.

Display to Sell

Marissa’s method to setting up the display is so amazing, and effective. She always starts from the bottom and works her way up. The bottom shelves are essentially your restock products for the top two shelves. The top two shelves are what you are selling, and what you want your customers to see.

Amarie's Bath Flowers- Retail Tips - Marty's Pharmacy DisplayIf a customer walks in to buy one of our bathing petal soap flowers for example, they may want two or three of the same kind, and it is super easy to pull from the stock on the bottom shelves.

What really sets her displays apart, however, are the accessories she uses to accent the products. Marissa pulls in other products that coordinate well together to make a complete display. Look at the picture here to see the magic!

Bonus Tip: You can use placemats (note the lace mats in Marissa’s display) or shelf liner to transform your shelves and add some elegance.

Avoid Register Clutter

In Marissa’s experience, products at the register do not increase sales for them. She has found at that point the customer has found what they want to buy and are ready to check out and get out of the store.

Keeping the register clean, simple, and functional is best.

Register Tips

Whoever is working the register, is it best to always be on the floor asking customers how they are doing, and if they need any help. It is only good to be behind the register if you are actually checking someone out.

Being on the floor is going to help you make connections with your customers and showing them products they may be interested in, or they may tell someone else about the products therefore increasing foot traffic.

Bonus Tip: If there are three or more customers in line, another person needs to jump in and start checking out. Having a line will deter people from shopping in your store. If there is a line, they have to walk around; if shopping becomes difficult, they might leave.

Product Grouping

Amarie's Bath Flowers - Retail Tips - Product Groupings - Marty's PharmacyGrouping like items together can be a great way to organize your store and make it functional.

For example, you might want to put all bath products in the same area, but maybe put candles close by, because people will light candles and take a bubble bath.

So be mindful of grouping products together, as that can increase sales of multiple products.

Small Spaces or Aisle Ends

You want to put “impulse buys” on the ends of the aisle. Since there is not a lot of space, a full product display would look crowded. This is a great spot to put car chargers, lip balms, and hand sanitizers. Any small items can be displayed in these spaces.

The Holidays

The holiday season is busy and sales increase during this time of the year. Setting up your display effectively is key to selling products for every occasion. You want to set up your Halloween and Fall products together. If you wait to set up Fall products after Halloween, they will not sell because, once the calendar turns to November, customers go straight to Christmas shopping.

Hand out Samples

A great tip is to hand out samples of your products to bring customers back to buy. For example, Marissa made sample bags that hold our bathing petals and she will keep a few in her pocket to hand out and this brings customers back in to buy.