Our petite flowers include daisies, teas roses, and orchids. They’re also made with our special blend of shea butter, goat’s milk and coconut oil soap.

Tea Roses: Each handmade flower has 30 small petals that may be torn off for hand washes, cleansing in the bath or shower, or placed into tub water to melt for a skin-softening soak. These are made from the same moisturizing soap blends of our large blooms.

Orchids: Our six petal orchid has a hand-painted center with a touch of shimmering gold. The petals may be used one at a time for bathing and multiple hand washes or simply tear off a small piece of a petal for a perfectly sized hand wash. The new orchids are a way to add a touch of sophistication to an event or a small way to say thank you. The elegant orchid fragrance is a soft, clean orchid scent.

Daisy: Our white daisy with a golden stamen has 30 petals that are perfect for baby, a little one, or anyone who loves daisies. Fragrance free and gently moisturizing. A warm and welcoming addition to any bath suite. 3.5” in diameter.