Mississippi Magazine Garden Party Featuring Petite Flowers

Never in a million years did I think that our soap flowers would inspire a garden party photoshoot featured in Mississippi Magazine. Not only that, but the inspiration came to Mrs. Patty Roper, an accomplished editor-in-chief and author of numerous beautiful and helpful recipe and party books. I first met…


Putting Your Flower to Good Use

Hey everyone! Today I am sharing with you all the ways you can use your petal-soap flower. Some of these we have come up with ourselves, but a lot of the tips actually come from our customers! So this month we are compiling all the ideas to show you just…


A’marie’s Bath Flower Care

I have been asked multiple times about bath flower care for A'marie's bath flowers. Most people ask how to keep their bath flower looking good, and how to protect it. So I thought I'd share some easy tips and some really necessary tips on bath flower care. These are for…


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