A’marie’s Bath Flower Care

I have been asked multiple times about bath flower care for A'marie's bath flowers. Most people ask how to keep their bath flower looking good, and how to protect it. So I thought I'd share some easy tips and some really necessary tips on bath flower care. These are for…


Making a Bouquet with A’marie’s Bath Flowers

I get this question a lot so I wanted to share more about making a bouquet with our petal soap flowers, or even just a stellar single-flower display. I shared this last April, but it was part of another blog, and I want these instructions to be easy to find…


Introducing A’marie’s Romantic Collection

The Romantic Collection was just simply meant to be. Since the startup of A'marie's Creative Team last year, Patty, Amy, and I had already been talking about what we want to make next. So, when we sat down at our first meeting this past summer, we already had our flower…


The Season of Giving

The end of the year is all about giving. We give gifts to our friends, family members, and our significant others every year on Christmas.  But, we don’t always think about how we can give to strangers, or our community. This month we are focusing on how we can give…


Retail Tips: Location Matters

Happy November, everyone! This month we want to share with you some retail tips, including the importance of the location of your products in your store. Having your products easily visible in a prime location will help lure your customers in. This will also keep them shopping, because they can…


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