I have been asked multiple times about bath flower care for A’marie’s bath flowers. Most people ask how to keep their bath flower looking good, and how to protect it.

So I thought I’d share some easy tips and some really necessary tips on bath flower care. These are for both an open display flower and a boxed flower if you are a retailer.

I hope this helps you, and let me know in the comments below if you have discovered other ways that help you in flower care. 

Out-of-Box Care

Dusting - Bath Flower Care - A'marie's Bath Flowers
Dust your bath flower with a damp cloth.

How to dust an open display flower: Take a really damp cloth and wipe your petals one at the time. I know this sounds tedious, but if you try and wipe the whole flower at once, the petals can stick together. This takes a little time, but doing this regularly will help keep your flower looking fresh. 

When displaying in a bathroom: You want to sit your flower on a tray, our petal stand, or in a dish. You never know when you will splash water out from your sink.  Since the bottom of your flower is a soap bar, it will become wet and slick. 

When spraying hairspray or room sprays: Cover your flower with a cloth or towel or take your flower out of the room to ensure the spray doesn’t coat your soap. 

If you are displaying your flower in a store: We suggest getting a glass dome to go over your open flower. This will deter customers from handling it and protect it from all the elements. 

Since sunlight fades soap color, keep your flowers out of direct sunlight. If the flower does get sunlight, turn your flower periodically so that the fading color is uniform around the entire flower.

Boxed Flower Care

Re-fluff tissue - Bath Flower Care - A'Marie's
Re-fluff tissue in a boxed flower.

This is mainly for our retailers, but we have some great tips on keeping your boxed flowers looking great, and keeping sales high. 

Rotate your flowers. Just like rotating your tires, you should rotate your flowers.  What I mean by that is you should change out the display flowers with other inventory on a fairly regular basis. The flowers you have with the lid off and put up on their side being displayed should be changed out with flowers that you have closed and upright.

This can be done every 4-6 weeks. If you have all your flowers open and on their side for display, simply rotate the box. The flowers are taped in each box with 4 clear strips on each side. Naturally, gravity will want to pull the flower down after a while and pull on the top strip. Keeping a different strip at the top. Will make the strips and tape last.

resecure flower - bath flower care - A'marie's bath flowers
Re-secure the tape on a bath flower for the best display results.

The fluff. Each box has a piece of tissue paper in each corner. If you notice your tissue paper has gotten crinkled or pushed down from people touching it, you can pull those out, re-fluff and slide back in refreshing your whole flower. 

Resecuring your Flower: If you happen to have a child in your store who pulls off a strip, you can pull that strip up and re-tape it.   

Flower and Sunlight: Keep your flowers out of direct sunlight if possible. Sunlight fades soap color.  Limiting sunlight or rotating your flowers will help keep the color intact.

And that is it! I hope these tips help you in caring for your bath flower, and help you in displaying your flowers.